Whiskey Chow

Artist, Activist & Curator 艺术家、社运人士&策展人

A View from the Bottom

09: 10-09: 30 CET 28/05/2021

In this presentation, Whiskey Chow will talk about how she explores female/queer masculinity, stereotypical projections of Chinese/Asian identity and broader political issues in her art practice. In Whiskey’s artwork, the intersectional layers of gender, sexuality, race, Asian and migrant identity cross over and blur. Coming from LGBTQ/ feminist activist background in China, Whiskey sees her art making, curatorial practice and pedagogical approach as a whole, and as different aspects of her engagement with activism. She constantly reveals and negotiates with power dynamics and the dominance within systems, empowering people in less-privileged positions no matter whether they are audiences, students or community members. With this ethos, Whiskey will also share the curatorial programme ‘Queering Now 酷兒鬧’ that she launched and performed for, as well as the digital workshop ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ she developed during the Covid-19 pandemic for UK migrant, queer, People of Colour or anyone who is in a marginalised position. Whiskey will elaborate how she looks upon social issues and subverts power inequality, along with facilitating a critical space for unheard voices and unspeakable experiences.

Whiskey Chow is a London-based performance artist and Chinese drag king. Her art practice engages with broadly defined political issues, covering a range of related topics: from female/queer masculinity, problematizing the nation-state across geographic boundaries, to stereotypical projections of Chinese/Asian identity. Her performance is interdisciplinary, combining embodied performance with moving image and experimental sound pieces. As an artist-curator, Whiskey launched, led and performed in ‘Queering Now 酷兒鬧’ since 2020 (as part of CAN Festival). Queering Now is a curatorial programme amplifying marginalized voices of Chinese/Asian queer diaspora in the West. Whiskey currently works as Visiting Lecturer at the Royal College of Art, Guest Lecturer at Sotheby’s Institute of Art and Bath School of Art. Whiskey has been involved in feminist and LGBTQ activism in China since 2011. She contributed to and performed in ‘For Vaginas’ Sake (2013)’ (original Chinese version of The Vagina Monologues), and curated the first Chinese LGBTQ music festival, Lover Comrades Concert (2013), Guangzhou.


在此次分享中,Whiskey Chow将分享她通过艺术实践来探索女性及酷儿阳刚气质、回应针对华人及亚裔酷儿的刻板印象以及触及更广泛的政治议题的旅程。在Whiskey的创作中,性别、种族、亚裔和移民的身份的多重面向总是相互交叠。而Whiskey此前在中国从事同志、性别行动的背景让她将艺术创作、策展及教育三者视作一个整体,以及其行动主义实践的不同方面。她不断揭露并且通过自己的创作和教学与霸权协商,为身处弱势的人们(无论他们是观众、学生或者社群成员)赋权。延展这一信念,Whiskey会与观众分享关于她主领、策展的艺术项目 “Queering Now酷儿闹”的更多细节;还有她在新冠疫情爆发期间,独创的线上工作坊 “A Sky Full of Stars 漫天星辰”,此工作坊是专门为那些居住在英国的移民、酷儿和有色人种群体以及所有身处边缘的人们而设立的。Whiskey将详细阐述自己是如何用艺术介入社会并且去颠覆权力的不平等,以及创造一个至关重要的空间,让那些被忽略的声音和无法被诉说的经验被听见、被看到。

Whiskey Chow是活跃于伦敦的艺术家,中国变装国王 (Chinese Drag King)。毕业于英国皇家艺术学院(Royal College of Art) ,Whiskey的跨领域艺术实践形式包括行为艺术、影像和实验声音作品。她的创作与研究涉及性别议题、女性主义、女性/酷儿阳刚气质(Female/Queer Masculinity) 、对于华裔/亚洲身份的刻板印象和文化投射、对于全球化的国家主义和消费主义的反思等。Whiskey作为艺术家策展人,在2020年开创并统领策展,且分享自己的作品在华裔酷儿艺术单元 “Queering Now 酷儿闹”。作为英国当代华人艺术节(Chinese Arts Now Festival) 中唯一一个由艺术家策划并主导的单元, “Queering Now 酷儿闹”旨在为在西方政治文化语境中被边缘化的华裔酷儿艺术家提供作品展示的空间,并以此凝结起英国乃至全球流散华裔酷儿的新社区。Whiskey目前在英国皇家艺术学院(Royal College of Art)担任讲师。同时也于苏富比艺术学院 (Sotheby’s Institute of Art),巴斯艺术学院 (Bath School of Art) 担任客座艺术家。在移居英国前,Whiskey与广州本地的酷儿社区密切接触,投身同志/性别平权运动。2013年,她在《将阴道独白到底(For Vaginas’Sake)》 (中国本土原创《阴道独白》)剧组里担任演员、联合编剧、声音设计师。同年在广州,她也作为联合策展人,策划中国第一个同志音乐节:“爱人同志音乐会(Lover Comrades Concert)”。