Wei Yimu 魏一目

Artist 艺术家

A kid taught me how to draw “Schnäbi,” but my penis paintings arouse no sexual desire.

08: 50-09: 10 CET 28/05/2021

Six years ago, a nine-year-old student made a drawing, which made a parody of male genitals by transforming “Schnäbi” into a weapon. Since then, I have realized that there is a huge difference between children’s and adult’s perception of genitals. The discovery struck me. I began exploring alternative phallic representations from a childlike perspective, such as portraying “Schnäbi” as toys for amusement, weapons, characters, etc. It is rather paradoxical for an adult to observe the world from children’s perspective. There is a gap in this contradictory relationship. However, this gap becomes a source of inspiration that motivates my creation. 

Wei Yimu is an artist and a professional in children’s art education. He has been working on children’s art education for seven years. Besides providing artistic and aesthetic education, he attempts to apply pedagogical approaches to exploring the relationship between art education and creation. He often curates and takes part in children’s art exhibitions, art courses, and public programs. He uses art as the tool to enhance inter-human and art-human relationships, as well as to open discussions about art amongst different communities. In his solo exhibition Rainbow Headquarters (2017), he attempted to visualize the utopia of pluralistic identities from a childlike perspective. In 2020, he started incorporating the motif of “Schnäbi” in his daily art creation, while treating his artistic exploration of different meanings of phallic representation as a daily practice.