Wei Tinging 韦婷婷

Activist 社运人士

Queer and Feminist Art Practices: How to start a campaign with art and transform activism into an artwork?

13: 50-14: 10 CET 27/05/2021

Tingting Wei will share her practices which interweave art and activism throughout the past decade, including The Vagina Monologues shows, Queer University Digital Filmmaking Training Camps and the anti-domestic violence and feminist activist campaigns “Injured Brides.”She will also discuss queer artistic and documentary filmmaking and reflect the relationship between art and social activism.

Tingting Wei is a Chinese LGBT and Feminist activist. She studied sociology and anthropology in college. She has begun to engage in the feminist and LGBT movement since 2007. At that time, she organized the famous show The Vagina Monologues in Wuhan. She is the co-founder of the national bisexual network in China, the founder of Guangzhou Gender and Sexuality Education Center, and the committee/counselor of several LGBT and feminist organizations. She is one of the feminists who got arrested in 2015, who was given the title “feminist five” in China. Wei was listed in “10 of the Most Inspiring Feminists of 2015” by MS Magazine in the US. She is also a psychology counselor, writer, documentary producer and director. The film We Are Here was produced by her and was screened in many countries. So far, she has directed and produced several films and documentaries:  We Are Here (2015), Queer India (2016), and Bi China (2017), which have been screened in many countries.



韦婷婷是一位中国LGBT和女权主义者,本科主修社会学与人类学。自2007年以来,她开始参与女权主义和LGBT社会活动。同年,她在武汉组织著名话剧《阴道独白》的演出。她是中国双性恋联络网的联合创始人,也是广州性别教育中心及几个LGBT和女权组织的委员/参事。她是2015年被逮捕的女权主义者之一,也是“女权五姐妹”中一员。韦婷婷被美国的《MS Magazine》评为《2015年十位予人启发的女权主义者》。此外,她担任心理咨询师、写作者及纪录片制片人和导演。她制作的电影《我们在这里》已在许多国家展映。迄今,她已导演并制作了多部电影和纪录片:《我们在这里》(2015年)、《天竺女人》(2016年)及《双》(2017年)。这些影片已展映于多国。