Shi Tou 石头

Artist & Activist 艺术家 & 社运人士

Artist Talk: Three Artwork Series by Shi Tou

14: 10-14: 30 CET 27/05/2021

I will talk about three artwork series as follows:

  1. Yuefenpai series: By using the format of the Chinese commercial calendar poster in Shanghai in the 1930s, I convey the relationship between females and elaborate on the status quo of human society.
  2. Underwater series: Water is characterized by its richness in constant motion, so fluid that I can hardly fully describe the particular moment in words, when I am immersed in water. Not only do I want to delineate the relationships between human and natural environment, people and homeland, but I also want to do more than express these matters through the Underwater series.
  3. Concavo-convex series: I seek to undo the division of genders and the binary system of yin and yang in order to see the world differently and reconstruct balance.

Shi Tou is an artist and activist who works primarily on painting, photography, video work, documentary, and curating independent queer film festivals. She worked independently in China’s first independent artist village “Yuanmingyuan.” She played the protagonist of the first lesbian romantic drama Fish and Elephant (2000) which won awards at both Venice and Berlin film festivals. In 1998, she co-founded the first lesbian group “Beijing Sisters” with her friends. In 2000, Shitou talked about homosexuality on a Chinese TV channel with Li Yinhe and Cui Zi’en for the first time. Her works of art and documentaries were exhibited in many international art exhibitions and film-screening programs.



  1. 月份牌系列:我借用老上海月份牌的形式,它作为当时的商业广告,其中女女的关系与表达,来重新阐释当下社会状态。
  2. 水下系列:水是这般变幻丰富,我甚至难以完整地用语言描述融入水中的某个时刻。这个水下系列,我想表达、且不止于表达人类与自然环境的关系,我们与故乡的关系。用作品来纪念我们的故乡,也纪念人类的故乡。我希望我们能做的不止于此。
  3. 凹凸系列:希望打破性别界限,突破阴与阳的规则,重新考量事物,建构平衡。