Shen Xiyu 沈喜裕

Independent Researcher 独立研究者

Reading Danmei Novels Through a Queer Lens

13: 00-13: 20 CET 28/05/2021

Textual analysis and sociological inquiries into danmei subculture are often prioritized in academic studies of danmei fiction in the Sinosphere. My paper investigates the process of reading danmei novels. I argue that a researcher’s standpoint and experience should be recognized as critical factors that influence their research. As a danmei fan, I read danmei novels and listen to radio dramas. Moreover, I engage in DIY media productions focused on danmei literature with my friends. Accordingly, I do not pursue objectivity, nor avoid acknowledging my subject position as a funü (rotten girl) in my research. I act as an aca-fan in my study of danmei subculture. I analyze the tension between my reading experience and its interweaving with sexual identification. They become important sources in my case studies about queer readings of danmei novels. I will apply Josephine Chuen-juei Ho’s notion of “modualization (SZ Gender/Sexuality),” when analyzing queering potential of danmei novels. As a field to explore erotic desires, danmei novels yield heterogeneous gender identities. Moreover, these novels subvert heteronormativity, allowing funü fans to further elaborate one’s own erotic desires and sexual identifications

Joe Xiyu Shen is a feminist/queer activist, funü, leather culture amateur and independent researcher. In 2017, she obtained her MA degree from Visual Culture Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Since then, she has focused on queer culture, female sexuality, pornography and social innovation. Moreover, she is interested in danmei novels. She was one of the core members of the well-known SYSU Rainbow Group. Shen volunteers for the feminist-volunteer community “EnGender” and the society of the Kink cultural studies “KinkyFeminist.”


过往华语地区的耽美研究多集中在耽美小说的文本研究,耽美亚文化现象的社会学研究。在本次研讨会上,我会将重心转向耽美的阅读过程。必须承认的是,任何一个研究,研究者本人的立场及经验都是不可忽视的重要因素。作为一名耽美的爱好者,我看文、听广播剧,与朋友做了关于耽美的自媒体。对耽美怀着深刻感情的我并不想试图保持客观中立,也不旨在回避腐女的身份。相反我会直面它——一方面作为研究者,一方面作为研究对象,我会把自己的阅读过程及与之接合的情欲认同的张力视为重要的研究对象,为酷读耽美提供重要案例。我会使用何春蕤的“山寨性/别”(SZ Gender/Sexuality)及性别文化资源的“模组化”来分析耽美的酷儿潜能:耽美得以作为情欲的试验田,生产更多元的性别主体,挑战异性恋规范,并让爱好者得以探索、形塑自己的情欲认同。

沈喜裕/Joe 是一名女权主义者,酷儿,腐女,皮革控。她于香港中文大学视觉文化系取得硕士学位。她现在是一名独立研究者、自由撰稿人、行动者。她关注酷儿文化、女性情欲、色情、社会创新等议题。Joe曾是中山大学彩虹小组的核心成员。目前,她志愿服务于 “后生价值”(一个女权主义志愿者社群)和 “KinkyFeminist”(一个kink文化研究社群)。