Ma Yanhong 马延红

Artist 艺术家

Body Portraits

09: 20-09: 40 CET 29/05/202

Some audience asked me if I am interested in “queer” or gender topics after looking at my paintings. However, my works did not source from a particular concept. Rather, I rely on my intuition. Thirteen years ago, Prof. Eric Stevenson from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts saw my painting Adulthood at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. This facilitated my first trip to Europe, while Stevenson became the protagonist of my other two paintings entitled Two Danes and The Smile. These two white-men portraits stand out from my works, which are mostly female portraits. I recall that I have been using the photographs which I took for my friends to make large-scale oil paintings in the past two decades. In this workshop, I would like to talk about five portraits about bodies, namely: Adulthood, White Balloon, Venice Hostel, Two Danes, and The Smile

Ma Yanhong is an independent artist. She was born in Baojin in Shaanxi province in 1977. She graduated from the third studio of the Oil Painting Department at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and obtained her BA degree in 2002. She is currently based in Beijing and Yokohama. She often applies a Realist approach to creating portraits whose sizes are as large as the physical size of the figures, such as Female Friends Portraits series and Momo series (2002-2007) with focus on sexuality and gender. She developed an interest in Realism and erotica from her engagement in Artist’s Portrait series (2008-2012). Ma Yanhong’s works were exhibited at many art institutions in China and abroad, including Central Academy, National Art Museum of China, Macau Museum of Art, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, the Israel Museum, Bryan Ohno Gallery, Beijing Commune and Minsheng Art Museum (Beijing).



马延红是一名独立艺术家。1977年,她出生于陕西宝鸡。2002年,她毕业于中央美术学院油画系第三工作室,并取得学⼠学位。她现在生活工作于北京与日本横滨。马延红常以具象写实的手法绘制真人等大的肖像:2002-2007年女性友人肖像系列及《茉茉》系列探讨性与性别 (后者艺术家以自己为原型);从2008年至2012年间《艺术家肖像》系列至今,她愈发关注现实与情欲的表达。马延红的个展及个⼈项⽬有: 《小马森林》,北京西五艺术中⼼,2007年;《马延红近作展》,纽约⿀豪⼠当代画廊,2008年;《艺术家肖像》,北京博而励画廊,2012年;《柔肤与小学》,北京西五艺术中心,2016年;《橘⼦不是惟一的水果》,厦门兑⼭美术馆,2017年;《寻娃记》,上海朵云轩美术馆,2019年。马延红的作品曾展于中央美院陈列馆、中国美术馆、澳门美术馆、丹麦路易⼠安娜当代美术馆、以⾊列博物馆、西雅图Bryan Ohno画廊、北京公社、台北大未来画廊、北京民生现代美术馆、南京百家湖美术馆等。