Juan Xu 庸现

Curator 策展人

Queer as Anti-Mainstream Aesthetics

09: 40-10: 00 CET 29/05/2021

In the past sixty years, the “glorious, correct, and great” Main Melody has dominated the Chinese culture. In the PRC, culture and art have been subordinated to politics. Since the 1980s, the Chinese society has become more liberal and open to international influences. The official cultural representation has long been occupied by the pleasant and peaceful imagery, whereas the tradition of “sweet and silly” Positive Energy is prioritized among the people, — namely: no diversity, no alternative, not to mention queer. Queer culture has emerged in Sinophone societies in recent years. It completely subverted the current mainstream political and aesthetic discourse. Queer culture came into view as the Other. It generates the effect of Verfremdung (alienation). It is focused on the relationship between identification and power. Besides, as part of the subculture, it conspired with the avant-gardism to form a series of contemporary conceptual revolutions against the Rationalism and social structures, which profoundly upset the canons of beauty.

Juan Xu was born in Chengdu. She studied in China and Germany and is currently based in Shanghai and Germany as an independent curator and art critic. She is one of the founders of the first Chinese feminist group “Bald Girls” and the “Performance Day Wiesbaden/Frankfurt,” which have received great attention in China and abroad in recent years. She is also Chairman of Sino-German Art and Cultural Exchange Association IO Cultural Network e V. lives and works in Germany and China.




庸现出生成都,毕业于德国图平根大学,是一名独立策展人和艺术批评人。庸现是中国女性主义艺术团体“秃头戈女”创始人之一,目前为德国威斯巴登/法兰克福行为艺术节艺术总监和德国艺术联网协会(I O Cultural Network e. V.)主席,游走在德国与中国之间。