Artist & Activist 艺术家 & 社运人士

The Art of Vulnerability: Communication and Subjectivity in Rope Bondage

09: 30-09: 50 CET 28/05/2021

Kinbaku, literally translated as “tight binding”, is a practice that involves tying between consensual participants. Whereas traditionally it had been regarded solely as an erotic practice popularized by Japan’s adult industry, Kinbaku has been increasingly welcomed by a larger audience who recognize its artistic and communicative potential. Theoretical developments such as “the Interview Metaphor (Barkas, 2016)” also explicated how communication in rope bondage takes place. Drawing upon existing ideas and my personal experience as a Kinbaku practitioner and educator, this talk will illustrate how vulnerability functions as a communication device in Kinbaku. I will also discuss how the practice challenges stable and egotistic subjectivities defined in society. By experimenting with power and embracing vulnerability, we will explore Kinbaku as a queer art that enables a fluid and compassionate subject-making process.

Gandalf was trained as a PhD in psychology at Cornell University before he left academia and started “KinkyFeminist,” a platform dedicated to the research, education and diversification of kink culture. Working as a rope artist and Kinbaku educator, he designed and directed Shibari performances Inhabit and Luna. Moreover, he conducted research on Shibari experience by using emotion tracking technologies with members of Geist Lab at Keio University. He is interested in combining various body arts with Shibari/Kinbaku. Through organizing experimental workshops, he develops a reflective and communicative tying approach that is exemplified in his Kinbaku First Experience, Tying Slowly, and Intention series. He is also a podcast host, independent researcher, and science communicator. His works were published on magazines like DOMUS China.


紧缚是一种建立在参与者间知情同意的基础之上的捆绑行为。虽然一直以来它被看作一种由日本的成人产业流行起来的情欲实践,紧缚正在被越来越多的人接受并认可其在艺术性和沟通性上的潜力。一些理论上的发展,如“访谈比喻(Barkas, 2016)”,进一步阐释了绳缚中的沟通是如何进行的。基于现有的思想以及我作为紧缚实践者与教育者的个人经历,这一则演讲将阐释脆弱性是如何作为一种沟通途径在紧缚中发生作用的。同时,我会讨论这一实践如何挑战由社会所定义的固定不变的、以自我为中心的主体。通过对权力的实验和对脆弱性的拥抱,我们将探索紧缚如何可以成为一种创造流动的、共情的的个体的酷儿艺术。

Gandalf 为前康奈尔大学心理学在读博士,从事人类注意与记忆的研究。离开学界后,他发起了 “KinkyFeminist“,一个专注于Kink文化的研究、教育和多元化的平台,并开始从事绳缚艺术和绳缚教育的工作。他设计并导演了“Inhabit”、“Luna”绳缚表演、并与日本庆应义塾Geist实验室一同通过情绪追踪设备对绳缚体验进行了研究。此外,他还热衷于探索不同身体艺术和绳缚的结合,并通过举办一系列实验性的工作坊,发展并传播具有反思性与沟通性的绳缚方法。这集中体现在“绳缚初体验”、“Tying Slowly”、“心意”三个课程系列中。他也是一名播客主播、独立研究者和科学传播者,所著文章发表在《DOMUS中国》等杂志上。