Fan Popo 范坡坡

Artist, Filmmaker, Curator, Activist & Writer 艺术家、导演、社运人士 & 作家

How to Cook Noodles in a Pandemic?

13: 30-13: 50 CET 27/05/2021

Popo Fan will screen his new films made during the Covid-19 crisis, including Lene Drutsch in meiner Küche and Hasen Pavilion. Besides, he will share his experience of dealing with racism and loneliness during the pandemic. For Fan, making and sharing films is a way to expand queer community network and increase solidarity among queer people. Fan takes an active role in virtual and art-oriented activism.
About the films:

  1. Lerne Deutsch in meiner Küche (2min Germany, German with Chinese subtitles)
    My contribution to the series of “4 Wände Berlin (4 Walls Berlin)” campaign is a Youtube-style video. It resembles the format of a DIY video, featuring the combination of cooking
    and language learning. At the end of my work, I include one of my experiences with racism
    due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  2. Hasen Pavilion (3min Germany, Chinese with no subtitle)
    This 3-minute video, shot on an iPhone, documents my visit to the cruising forest of
    Hasenheide Park on a day in September 2020. The area is a well-known place for men who
    are attracted to men to meet each other. The song which I sang in the video is a piece from
    the traditional Chinese opera “Peony Pavilion” (《牡丹亭》) written by Tang Xianzu (1550-
    1616). It describes Miss Du Liniang’s first stroll in the garden on a spring day. Hasenheide
    is my Peony Pavilion; therefore, I call it “Hasen Pavilion”.

Popo Fan is one of the most renowned queer filmmakers in China. He has made more than a dozen of documentary and fiction films, most of which revolve around the issues of queer sexuality, identity and community. Fan has been participating in queer activism since undergraduate. He is a committee member of the Beijing Queer Film Festival (aka Love Queer Cinema Week). He is a founder of the Queer University Video Training Camp. Fan is an important participant in the queer filmmaking and queer activism scenes in the PRC today.




  1. 《厨房德语课程》(2分钟,德国,德语和中文字幕)
  1. 《兔子亭》(3分钟,德国,汉语,无字幕)

范坡坡是中国最著名的酷儿导演之一。他制作数十部纪录片与故事片,其中大部分关于酷儿性事、身份和社群的议题。范坡坡自本科以来一直参与酷儿行动。他担任北京酷儿影展(又名爱酷电影周)组委,也是酷儿大学视频训练营 的创始人之一。范坡坡是当今中国酷儿电影制作和酷儿行动一位重要的参与者。